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Video Of The Week: The MIT Bitcoin Experiment

Two and a half years ago, MIT gave every undergraduate enrolled at the school $100 of Bitcoin. I helped to fund this experiment at that time. I thought it was a great way to “infect” young engineers with blockchain enthusiasm. MIT Sloan Professor Christian Catalini has studied the ~3,500 MIT students who took the $100 Bitcoin […]

What Has Gotten Into Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is up 16% this month: And it is up 86% YTD 2016: Obviously there is more demand for the leading digital currency than there is supply of it right now. My guess is this is speculation driven (the more it goes up the more traders want to bet on it) and does not represent […]

Video Of The Week: Bitcoin Mining

I think this is the most interesting of the six Trust Disrupted episodes:

The Buy Bitcoin Button

If you have an app that uses Bitcoin for something, like virtual goods in a game, you need to give your users an easy way to buy the Bitcoin. Our portfolio company Coinbase has a solution for that problem. It is a “Buy Bitcoin” button, powered by the Coinbase API. There are some limitations to […]

Bitcoin Is Having An Election

Brian Armstrong, CEO of our portfolio company Coinbase, published this deck on Friday. Bitcoin is not splitting in two, it is upgrading from Brian Armstrong In the deck, Brian argues that the current debate over Bitcoin scaling is an “election” not a “split.” There is certainly a raging debate in the bitcoin community about how […]

Bitcoin Is Dead, Long Live Bitcoin

I’ve been writing about the Bitcoin blocksize debate here at AVC (the only place I write and I’m hard core about that) for the past year. It’s a big deal. At the core of the debate is whether the Bitcoin blockchain should be a settlement layer that supports a number of new blockchains that can […]

Bitcoin: Democracy and Debate

Brian Armstrong, founder and CEO of our portfolio company Coinbase, published two back to back posts yesterday on the dual topics of Bitcoin governance and the scaling Bitcoin debate. Article 1: How are we going to solve bitcoin scaling? Miner Voting: — Brian Armstrong (@brian_armstrong) January 3, 2016 and Article 2: How the block […]

Are Bitcoin and the Blockchain Joined At The Hip?

I saw this statement in the Economist piece on Blockchains: Bitcoin itself may never be more than a curiosity. However blockchains have a host of other uses because they meet the need for a trustworthy record, something vital for transactions of every sort. Dozens of startups now hope to capitalise on the blockchain technology, either […]

Fun Friday: Mapping The Bitcoin Market

AVC community member William Mougayar published a Bitcoin market map yesterday. Putting together something like this is a major pain in the butt, but it is incredibly useful for people (like VCs and other investors) who are trying to make sense of an emerging market. It’s a great way to get your name and reputation […]

Video Of The Week: Jerry Brito of Coin Center Talking About Bitcoin

One of Bitcoin’s strongest voices is Jerry Brito, the Executive Director of Coin Center. This short (~6 min) interview he did with Foreign Affairs is a good example of his balanced and clear and crisp voice on Bitcoin.