Dean vs. Clark

For me it’s that simple.

I like and respect John Kerry. He’s not going to beat Bush though.

It took me a while to warm up to Dean. I fear his “liberal” reputation. But after seeing Gephart go after him for being with Newt Gingrich on Medicare, I know he’s not a liberal. And my daughter likes Dean because his wife is Jewish. That’s a good thing too. I like diversity of all kinds.

I fear that Clark is too much of a rookie and an oportunist. This guy voted for Bush and Reagan. How is that he’s a Democrat now?

But I just read Michael Moore’s post on Clark at

To quote from that post:

1. He opposes the Patriot Act and would fight the expansion of its powers.

2. He is firmly pro-choice.

3. He filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court in support of the University of Michigan’s affirmative action case.

4. He would get rid of the Bush tax “cut” and make the rich pay their fair share.

5. He respects the views of our allies and want to work with them and with the rest of the international community.

6. And he opposes war. He has said that war should always be the “last resort” and that it is military men such as himself who are the most for peace because it is HIM and his soldiers who have to do the dying. He finds something unsettling about a commander-in-chief who dons a flight suit and pretends to be Top Gun, a stunt that dishonored those who have died in that flight suit in the service of their country.

So I’ve got to give Clark a chance too.

I am going to spend the next couple months meeting these two guys and learning more about them.