He's Back

Well the blogging world is talking about Jason Calcanis this week.

Nick Denton http://www.nickdenton.org/ and Jeff Jarvis http://www.buzzmachine.com/ are both talking about his Weblogs Inc. http://www.weblogsinc.com on their weblogs.

So are Wired and Frank Barnako.

So Jason is back. And thank god I say. Sure he’s a hype-master. He made his share of mistakes at SAR. Didn’t we all in those crazy years of the late 90s. But you know what, he’s scrappy and smart. He’ll fix what’s wrong with his model. And he’ll come up with a few new tricks that will take us all forward.

This is part of a larger story really. The entrepreneurs are back. With scars in their backs and a lot more humility. But they are back and working hard again. It’s about time.

#VC & Technology