MY First Post

I am a VC. Have been for 17 years. I help people start and build technology companies. I do it in NYC, which isn’t the easiest place to build technology companies, but its getting better. I love my work.

I also am a husband and a father of 3 kids. I do that in NYC too. And it isn’t the easiest place to raise a family either. But it’s getting better too. I love my family more than my work.

I also love music, art, yoga, biking, skiing, and golf. That’s a lot of interests for a guy who works 60 hours a week and loves his family. But i manage to make it work.

I used to love politics. But now its all about money. I don’t love politics anymore.

I used to read three papers a day. Now i barely read one. Somedays i don’t read the paper at all. I read the internet. I rarely read anything in the paper that i didn’t read on the internet first. I never read important news in the paper that i didn’t read on the internet first.

I read blogs a lot. And i think they are great. So i am starting a blog. I have no idea if i’ll write a lot in my blog or rarely. I hope its a lot, because i have a lot to say. But we’ll see about that.

#Random Posts