My Senator

Chuck Schumer is the senior senator from NY. He’s a good guy.

He’s against guns in the hands of the wrong people, conservative judges, people trying to turn back the clock on abortion rights.

He’s for rebuilding NYC, improving poor people’s access to prescription drugs, fighting the war on terrorism, and protecting us all from spam and telemarketing.

In short, he’s my kind of guy.

We held a small get together for Chuck last night at our home in NYC. He was there to raise money for his next campaign. That’s the unfortunate part of the politcal game. The fortunate part is that the people who came got to see a real person hanging out and telling it like it is.

He thinks Bush is dangerous, that he’s right of Reagan, that’s he’s made a deal with the ultra right wing of the republican party to nominate judges who are committed to rolling back the clock on important laws that protect our freedoms. He thinks Bush is beatable. He thinks that the current slate of Democratic Presidential candidates is weak and we don’t have a clear winner in the group. He likes Clark but thinks he’s going to make rookie mistakes unless he gets a lot of help fast. He supported the war in Iraq, but thinks the Bush Administration’s lack of a plan to get us out has put us in a costly and dangerous predicament.

The best part of it was my kids got to sit there and listen to all of that. They asked questions. And got to see a glimpse of how politics works. How our country is governed. Chuck loves kids. He told us how he wished he’d had more than his two wonderful daughters.

I hate the money part of politics. It makes everything suspect. But last night was OK. Probably because Chuck is my senator and I like the guy.

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