My friend Mark Pincus (his weblog is started this company called

It’s a “social network” which means its a place that people can go to meet other people who have similar interests. I’ve joined the service and even in its early stage, I was able to join “tribes” that are interested in The Ramones, Golf in New York City, and Venture Capital, among other things.

The point of all of this is not only to create a place to “network” with other people like you, which was the original premise of Six Degrees and the other early pioneers in social networking, its about making money. In the case of Tribe, its about creating a mega classifieds business. The idea is simple. You want to find a roomate, buy a used bicycle, sell a Tivo you don’t need anymore, etc. What better place to do that than an online network where people can vet you through others who know you?

It’s a powerful idea. I hope it works. Because as much as I like eBay, I still have a hard time trusting and transacting with people I know nothing about.

I also hope it works because I am an investor. That’s the venture capital way.

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