Blogging for the masses

I’ve been wondering for the past year if blogging can become a mass phenomenom or just something for those of us who’ve made the net such a central part of our lives.

Well, my experiment in this regard is a couple weeks old (in my case) and a couple days old (in the case of my wife).

And i’ve got to tell you that its more of a mass pheneomenon than i would have guessed. My wife’s friends are reading her site every day. But more impressive is the fact that some guy in UK today responded to my wife’s post of her grandmother’s noodle kugel recipe with a question about exactly how you whisk the eggs.

That blows me away. My wife’s grandmother, who passed away last year, made an amazing noodle kugel on yom kippur every year. Now someone in the UK will be sharing that same dish with his family. I love that.

#Random Posts