Dean vs. Clark (Continued)

Dick Morris (I know he’s got credibility issues) wrote an opinion piece in today’s NY Post called “Wes’ Losing Plan”.

If you’re interested in the summary, Dick suggests that Clark’s decision to blow off Iowa and downplay New Hampshire is a big mistake. He suggests that Clark is giving Dean the opportunity to win both of those primaries and emerge with big time momentum.

And, even more interesting to me, is Dick’s assertion that “cyber roots” has supplanted “grass roots” as the essential vitality of a “come out of nowhere” political campaign.

This takes me back to the point i made in one of my earlier Dean vs. Clark posts. Clark’s campaign has traditional political operatives, big time contributors coming out of the woodwork, and supposedly better poll numbers against Bush. But as Dick Morris points out, Clark lacks real backing. And Dean has used the Internet to build lots of real backing.

And now Clark is effectively giving away the first two primaries to Dean. Not a great way to build momentum. It makes me wonder the exact same question that Dick Morris ends with. Are Clark’s managers “like the generals of France who enter each war perfectly prepared to win the last one”?