Dean's Not A Liberal

The New York Times has a piece on the front page today “Dean Struggles With A Stance Over Medicare“. The gist of the story is that Dean is under attack from his competitors over his comments in the mid 90’s over scaling back Medicare and and Social Security. It suggests that he’s got a real problem with these comments.

Well I think he should trumpet these comments not run from them. He’s not a liberal. He’s a Clinton-esque New Democrat who believes in fiscal responsibility. This is a huge asset, not a liability. Look at the way the Bush Administration has savaged our federal budget with massive spending increases and big tax cuts. Dean can fix all of that. He can make the tough choices, take the unpopular positions, and get us back to a balanced budget.

And the truly liberal losers like Gephardt should stop damaging one of the Democrats two real viable candidates before they weaken him.