iTunes for Windows

Apple announced the availability of iTunes for Windows at a big event in San Fransico yesterday. John Markoff wrote a nice piece on the event in today’s New York Times.

I love the Macintosh computer. All my kids use Macs. And I love the iTunes software that runs on the Macs. My kids get annoyed at me for using their computers all the time.

But I still use a Windows-based laptop. So this is a big deal for me. I went to itunes today, downloaded iTunes for Windows, and boy it is great. I got rid of Windows Media Player for music. I am on iTunes now. The interface is fantastic and the sound quality is great.

But even better, I have access to the iTunes music store now. Back when the iTunes Music Store came out for the Mac, i took all file sharing software off the computers in my house and replaced it with the iTunes music store. I wrote about this in my Downloading post.

But I didn’t have that ability on my laptop. Thus the problems with my kids. Now I am free to download, and pay for, music to my hearts content on my trusty old IBM ThinkPad. Now if the music industry would just get all their music onto iTunes, i’d be a really happy guy.

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