If you could combine Keith Richards and Patsy Cline and throw in a little Koko Taykor, you’d get Lucinda Williams. But just like these great artists, Lucinda is an original.

I’ve loved her music since discovering her when she released the great Car Wheels On A Gravel Road in 1998. For the past five years, I’ve kept coming back to her timeless music.

But I had never seen her perform live. Until last night. She’s doing a two day stay at the Beacon Theater here in NYC. I went last night with my wife and some friends.

And I was blown away by this gutsy humble woman who belts out her songs and just tells it like it she sees it. The words are raw and powerful. Sometimes the songs are gentle and beautiful. Sometimes she puts on the electric guitar and rocks out. Either way, she’s great.

If you love rock, country, and the blues, my bet is you’ll love Lucinda too.

My Favorite Lucinda Williams Albums:
Car Wheels On A Gravel Road
World Without Tears

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