Spam Filters (Continued)

We use a spam filter for our email. It’s from a company called Postini. Its a “pass through” solution which means the spam filtering software runs on Postini’s servers, not ours.

Last month, in my post on Spam Filters, I complained about Positini.

Well, yesterday I found out why Postini was doing so poorly. Some spammers (a growing number) have found a way to route their mail around the Postini servers and directly into my mail box.

This is terrible news for Postini. And bad news for me too. Because it means I need to get a new spam filter.

Anyone who uses a spam filter that is ASP-based and doesn’t run directly on your mail server should check to see what’s going on with your email messages. If your message headers show the mail coming directly from the sender to you, instead of through your spam filter, then you’ve got the same problem.

This is another example of the spammers being one step ahead of the good guys (us and the tools we use to stop them). And it makes me wonder a little about my most recent post on eradicating spam.

#VC & Technology