Dean vs. Clark (Continued)

I’ve done a lot of homework on these two guys. As i’ve said before on this blog, i think this campaign will quickly be between Dean and Clark.

Dean has built a tremendous grass roots campaign. He’s used the Internet beautifully. He gets it. He’s using direct communication with his supporters to energize them, empower them, and raise tons of money. My bet is he’ll get enough support today to decide to give up matching funds. And his money machine will keep Dean in this race for the long haul.

Clark is smart, really smart. He is playing his cards much closer to the vest. His long suit is foreign policy. He’s got more crediblitiy than Bush on national security and foreign policy and that’s what’s going to matter in this race. Clark knows that. He’s sticking to a very middle of the road strategy on all the other issues and making hay with foreign policy.

And that’s the only way the Democrats are going to win in 2004. Because the economy is getting better. Bush won’t be beatable on pocketbook issues.

But we’ve still got black hawks going down in Iraq, kids coming home in coffins, Sadaam and Osama and their followers taking shots at us, and that’s not going down very well at home.

Wes Clark has a plan and the credibility to get us out of this mess.

And that’s why i am leaning towards Clark.