Google, Barry Diller, Bob Pittman, Paris Hilton and Me

What do all those names have in common? Well, Michael Wolff thinks they are the signs that the “Internet” is back front and center in our society.

My daughther thinks its funny that her dad is mentioned in the same paragraph as Paris Hilton.

My friend and colleague Tommy thinks its good that I was mentioned in the same paragraph as Google and Barry Diller.

And I am mostly irritated that Michael got it wrong. Because I am not opening the doors of Flatiron again. And Flatiron didn’t “sink”. But I’ll leave that alone.

Because Michael got the rest right. The Internet is back front and center in our society because its the most important thing going on socially and economically right now, with the sole exception of this problem we have with terrorists and the rest of the world hating us.

We said back in 1996 when we started Flatiron that the Internet revolution was going to be big and create massive changes in society very quickly. And it has. And its still happening. And there is still lots of money to be made.

The fact is we went through the frenzy and crash stages of the typical technological revolution (to steal Carlota Perez’ words). And we are now going through the recomposition and synergy stages. And that’s why I am “opening doors” again. But they are new doors, not old doors. And I am thrilled that someone as prescient as Michael sees that as important.

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