New Music (Continued)

Two more discs i just bought that i really like. These are both indie alternative rock, in the vein of the Velvet Underground, Pavement, White Stripes, etc.

The Strokes – Room On Fire – My sister in law Susan turned me on to this one. It’s great. Click here if you want to buy it on iTunes.

Bettie Serveert – Log 22 – I loved their disc Palomine that came out in 1993. Haven’t listened to this dutch indie rock band much lately, but my wife Joanne put on Palomine recently and i remembered how much i loved the voice of lead singer Carol Van Dyk. So i went out and bought this disc that came out earlier this year. It’s terrific. Unfortunately, they don’t have any Bettie Serveert albums on iTunes yet.

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