Dean vs. Clark (Continued)

As I’ve said in this blog recently, I am for Clark. I’ve taken some heat for that stance, but sitting here a couple weeks after making that decision, I honestly think its the right place to be if you are a Democrat that wants to win back the white house.

Josh Marshall put up a post on his Talking Points Memo blog on Friday evening that captures the essence of where we are. Dean doesn’t have a chance of beating Bush but he’s almost instoppable in the Democratic primary.

Add to that this morning’s article in the New York Times about the Super Tuesday primaries and its clear to me that the only candidate who has a chance of stopping Dean is Clark. And he needs to win big on Super Tuesday to do that.

By the way, check out the picture of Dean in the NY Times article. That picture says it all to me about Dean. He’s way too defensive to make it in the bigtime against Bush. He’s going to get slaughtered.