Rainforest in the City

There are so many things about Rio that are amazing. One of them is the “central park” of Rio, the Tijuca National Park. It’s a tropical rain forest that sits right in the center of the city.

It was a partly cloudy day yesterday at the beach, but 20 minutes later when we got up into the rainforest, it was doing just that, raining.

Five minutes later, it was sunny. Five minutes later, it was raining. That’s the way it is in Rio, particularly in Tijuca.

Since i forgot the cord that connects my digital camera to my laptop, the pictures will have to wait until i get back. Which is too bad, as Jeff Jarvis points out in his comment to my last post.

All i can say is that you’ve got to come check this country out. It’s amazing.

#Blogging On The Road