Turning Off Comments

I know a lot of bloggers who turn off comments. They don’t want to have to police all that reader generated content. I know how they feel. I’ve had to delete at least 10 vulgar or hateful comments from my blog since I started blogging in late September.

But I blog because I want to stimulate thought. I want that feedback. And I get a lot of it.

In the past several days, my blog has begun to feel like a Wes Clark debate site.

Watching “Compelled to Reply” debate with “Robin” has been interesting and informative. They both have made some strong points. Nobody has been knocked out by my count yet, though. And I’ve learned a lot.

The same is true about wireless power. My post on that subject was borderline throw-away. I want wireless power. But I thought it was not physically possible. Well go read the comments yourself and then tell me what is possible and what is not.

My point is this. The Internet is a two way medium. That’s a big deal. Don’t ever forget that. Your audience aren’t just your readers; they are your knowledge base, your customers, your vendors, your supporters, your antagonists, and most everything else.

So leave the comments on. And listen. And learn.

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