Am I Really That Liberal?

Jeff Jarvis was getting slammed a week ago for saying he was a liberal when a lot of people who read his blog thought otherwise.

Well I think I’ve got a different problem, at least according to an AOL/Time Inc service on the web called President Match.

I think I’m a centrist Democrat who sometimes talks like a Republican. But it seems that self perception isn’t reality.

My daughter told me about this President Match thing that said she should vote for Dennis Kucinich.

So I figured that I ought to see who AOL and Time think I should vote for.

I went through the whole thing and it asked a bunch of good questions which I dutifully answered.

And the results are in. I should vote for Kucinich too. After that, Al Sharpton should be my next choice.

And I thought I was a Clark man. He’s #4 on my list, after John Kerry.

Go figure.