Clark vs. Edwards

I watched both of these guys talk to Bob Dole last night on one of the cable new channels. I can’t remember which it was.

Clark fought with Dole for no reason and came off as an agressive, arrogant, jerk.

Edwards schmoozed with Dole and came across as a likeable, smart, polished professional.

If Clark is going to make it through NH, he’d better change that act in a hurry.

I think Iowa showed that the people of the Democratic party want someone who can beat Bush, but they also want a positive, likeable person.

I don’t think Edwards can beat Bush. I don’t think Kerry can either. But I would love to convince myself otherwise on both of these guys because I’ve met them both and like them and their politics. I think Clark can beat Bush, but not by acting the way he acted last night with Dole.

I hope his handlers saw what I saw and tell him to change his tune – fast.