Dean vs. Clark (Continued)

I’ve been saying the democratic race is between Dean and Clark. Well I may be wrong. It looks like Kerry and possibly Edwards are still in it. Kery in particular has been picking up a lot of steam over the past week in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Although I think the NY Post is a terribly slanted publication, I am pointing to a piece written by John Podhoretz in yesteday’s Post. John’s analysis shows that Dean is slipping and there are a number of candidates who can beat him.

Another interesting thing to look at is the ARG New Hampshire tracking poll which shows Dean’s lead slipping and Clark and Kerry gaining quickly.

If Kerry wins Iowa, and that appears to be a real possibility now, and Clark, Dean, and Kerry come in a three way tie in NH, then its not Dean vs Clark anymore, its Dean vs Clark vs Kerry.

None of this changes my conviction that Wes Clark is the best guy in the race and the most likely to beat Bush. But in many ways Kerry is a lot better than Dean and I think democrats are waking up to that fact this week.