Google On The Brain

I am not sure what to make of this but a lot of my CEOs are thinking about Google these days.

Do they have Google IPO envy? Are they getting caught up in the hype leading up to the biggest IPO in 5 years? Or are they trying to understand the lessons of Google’s success and looking to apply it to their business?

If its the first two, then I am in trouble. You’ve got to keep your eyes on the road if you want to drive the car. If its the latter, then I am OK. Watching, learning, and thinking are great virtues in a CEO.

One of my readers Hugh Macleod posted this comment on my “Why CEOs Fail” post and I loved it, so I’ll repeat it here:

Thanks for the post, Fed. I’m suspecting that the subject of failure is much on your mind because the tech economy is heating up again, things are starting to buzz, and you don’t want the insanity of “Dotcom ’99” to rear its ugly head a second time. All symptoms of well-justified caution etc.

You got that right, Hugh.

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