Soapbox Derby

Last night I was out with a bunch of good friends and after a couple glasses of wine the subject turned to which editorial page each of us read. My conservative friend swears by the Wall Street Journal. My wife swears by the NY Times. Others mentioned The New York Post. Then it was my turn. I said, “I don’t read editorial pages anymore”. “Why not?”, they asked. “Because I read blogs instead” I replied.

The looks I got were telling. How could I not read Krugman, Friedman, Taranto, Podhoretz, and Dowd?

Well it’s simple. Instead I read Reynolds, Sullivan, Kaus, Kos, Marshall, Jarvis, and Cox.

It’s really no contest as far as I am concerned. I figure if anyone spent a week reading both my paper list and blog list and afer that, they had to choose one over the other, blogs would win hands down.

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