Why CEOs Fail

Sorry about the obsession with this issue. You probably all think that I’ve got CEO’s failing on me right and left. Actually nothing could be farther than the truth at this moment in time. I’ve seen a lot of failure over the years though and for some reason, I am thinking about it these days.

My good friend Dr. Dana Ardi (remember her column from The Industry Standard?) suggested a good book to me called Why CEOs Fail.

Here are the eleven reasons

Arrogance— you think that you’re right, and everyone else is wrong.
Melodrama— you need to be the center of attention.
Volatility— you’re subject to mood swings.
Excessive Caution— you’re afraid to make decisions.
Habitual Distrust— you focus on the negatives.
Aloofness — you’re disengaged and disconnected.
Mischievousness— you believe that rules are made to be broken.
Eccentricity— you try to be different just for the sake of it.
Passive Resistance— what you say is not what you really believe.
Perfectionism— you get the little things right and the big things wrong.
Eagerness to Please— you try to win the popularity contest.

I haven’t read the book and can’t recommend it, but these reasons ring true to me. I sure spend a lot of time and effort trying to avoid these behaviors myself.

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