Linked In Becomes Plaxo (Cont)

Reid Hoffman read my post. Reid is the founder and CEO of LinkedIn and a good guy. He wrote this to me today, “we do have some serious anti-spam features coming… About 6 weeks. Anyway that I can try to get you to hold on?”.

All it took was his email. That’s customer service of the highest form. When a CEO promises help to his customers, you have to give him some slack.

And so I am waiting. In the meantime, I am going to ignore all these LinkedIn requests I am getting from people I can’t remember meeting and don’t know who they are.

Blogging has some nice side benefits. I’ve complained out loud twice about technology products/services on my blog. First was my Postini rant last fall. The second one was the LinkedIn post. Both elicted emails directly from the CEO with a solution. I’m a happy customer of Postini now and I have every expectation that Reid will make me happy in six weeks too.

#VC & Technology