AdSense Side Benefit?

You learn by doing. That’s for sure. I wanted to understand how AdSense worked so i put it on my blog. It’s been fun watching the ads that are served up. They have been pretty relevant to me and hopefully to all of you who are reading this thing.

One of my readers, Dhrumil, commented that he’d heard that putting AdSense on your blog improves your page rank. So I figured i’d check that out.

I used to be at the top of the page rank back in the early days of Google when Flatiron was going strong and not everyone was on the Net. But that slowly changed. There’s a really talented artist named Fred Wilson. And one of the great chess gurus is named Fred Wilson. And then there’s this kick ass rock band in LA called Fred Wilson. And so slowly but surely I dropped down in the rankings. By last fall when i started my blog, i was around 10 or so.

Well, now I am at the top again. Go to Google. Check it out. And i am sure the reason why is that i put AdSense on my blog. They don’t advertise this fact. But it sure is a nice side benefit.

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