AdSense Update

AsSense has been running on my blog for a week now. Here are some statistics and observations:

$$$ – I’ve made $38 this week. All of this is going to The Grameen Foundation USA.

Clicks – I’ve generated 91 click throughs to sites that are advertising on my blog.

CTR – 3.7% of the ad impressions have resulted in a click through. That feels very high to me. The relevance must be pretty strong for that to be the case.

But as Scotty points out in his comment on my last post on this topic:

I’ve noticed that most of your keywords seem to be “blog.” I don’t find that especially compelling, personally. Your topics are so engrossing, such as Venture Capital and Presidential Politics, yet you’re getting “blog.” Maybe it pays well, but it’s not really “on topic.” Sure, your site is a blog, but you don’t talk about blogs *that* much.

That’s my feeling as well. It seems that Google AdSense is getting more money for the keyword “blog” than the word “venture capital”. That doesn’t make any sense to me. I am going to go see what the big prices are for those words and will report back.

#VC & Technology