AdWords/AdSense Update

Since I bought the keywords “blog” and “venture capital” a week ago, i’ve gotten almost 3,000 impressions of my ad served on Google ad networks. For some reason, they’ve all been against search pages and none have been against contextual targeting (ie AdSense). I need to figure out why that is the case.

I’ve gotten 17 total click throughs for a CTR of 0.5%. I would assume that’s about average. I’ve paid a total of $16.73 for these 3,000 impressions and 17 clicks.

The results on the two keywords were very different. “venture capital” performed well. “blog” did not. And that makes sense because this is what my ad says:

Musings of a VC in New York City
A Great Venture Capital Blog

Here are the results for each keyword

Blog – 1,078 ad impressions, 1 click, CTR-0%, cost per click $1.00
Venture Capital – 1,839 impressions, 16 clicks, CTR-0.8%, cost per click $0.99

I am going to stop my ad campaign for now until i can figure out how to get onto contextual pages as well as search pages and how to get my CPC down to where i think it should be.

Meanwhile, I continue to make make money on AdSense. Since i started on March 5th, 12 days ago, i’ve made a total of $48.55 for The Grameen Foundation. The average day is $3/day and the average click through rate for ads running on my site is 3.3% which i think is very good.

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