Offshoring (continued)

Thanks to The Weekly Read for this great list of offshoring truths by Tom Peters. I think I’ll send it to my elected representatives this morning.

I particularly like numbers 10-13. Tom says:

10. Big companies do not create jobs, and historically have not created jobs. Big companies are not “built to last;” they almost inexorably are “built to decline.”

11. Job creation is entrepreneurially led, especially by the small fraction of “start-ups” that become growth companies (Microsoft, Amgen, FedEx et al.); hence entrepreneurial incentives including low capital-gains taxes and high R&D supports are a top priority.

12. Primary and secondary education must be reformed, in particular to underscore creativity and innovation — the mainstays of high-value added products and services. Children should be nurtured on risk-taking, with a low expectation of corporate cosseting.

13. Future success rests upon … Excellence in Innovation. Hence, among other things, research universities must be vigorously supported.

Tom is right. I hope we can get our government to understand all of this.

#VC & Technology