The Blog World Gets Soul

That’s not to suggest it didn’t have soul. It has plenty. But it got a lot more soul last week when my friend, partner, and confidant starting unleasing his soul onto the blog world.

That’s right, Jerry Colonna’s got a blog now.

It’s great, just like Jerry. Which proves once and for all to me that blogs are just a natural extension of the people who write them. And if you can’t get that daily dose in person (fortunately I can with Jerry), you can a good bit of the person reading their blog.

Jerry’s done four posts so far, and all of them are terrific. After reading his review of The Passion, I know for sure that I don’t want to see it. I’m a guy who was raised Catholic by a woman of great faith who’s proudly watching his daughter become a bat mitzvah next month. There’s nothing i can gain but a lot of pain from that movie.

But the post i like best is where Emma says about gay marriage, “What’s the big deal? Isn’t marriage a good thing”. Exactly. An 11-year old girl has the wisdom our President doesn’t. Thanks for that one Jerry.

My only complaint is no permalinks on the posts. I can’t link to them. You gotta fix that Jerry.

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