What Is Blogging?

A good friend of my uncle’s called me yesterday to talk about blogging. This woman runs a very interesting business and she wants to use blogging to connect to an extended network of people she works and collaborates with. She had heard from my uncle that he and his brother and sister (my mom) all read my blog and talk about it even though they have nothing to do with technology and venture capital. That was pretty interesting to her and she wants to harness the power of this technology for herself. I told her, “go for it”.

Then she asked me how people will find out about her blog. I explained links. Links to me are the essential element of blogging. My wife, the Gotham Gal, blogs a lot, but doesn’t really link much. I love her site, but it may not really be a blog. Because she is really broadcasting more than generating discussion.

So here’s Rochel’s blog. I hope it turns into something great.

And I hope Rochel gives me a link back 🙂

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