Joe Strummer

The best moment in the recent history of the Grammys was last year when Elvis Costello, Bruce Springsteen, Steve Van Zandt, and Tony Kanal came out and did a rocking rendition of London Calling.


It was a fitting tribute to a Joe Strummer who was among the great rock and rollers of all time.

I am not sure exactly where, but recently on someone’s blog or on my comments, i read about Joe’s last album, called Streetcore which came out last year. I bought it and its been on my playlist non-stop for the past week. It’s great.

UPDATE: There is a documentary called Let’s Rock Again! made in the last year of Joe Strummer’s life that is showing at the Tribeca Film Festival. The premiere is on May 7th at 9:45pm at United Artists in Battery Park.

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