More Feedback

The second most commented post was also back in the early days of my blog. This shows that even though these posts are long gone from my front page, they are still read and still generating comments.

That day, Sept 26th, i had lunch with my friend Steve Greenberg who owns a record label called S-Curve. He gave me a CD that he was about to put out called The Soul Sessions by Joss Stone.

That night i went home, put the CD on, and was blown away and i wrote this post.

The cool thing is that post was the first thing written on the web about Joss and so very soon after that i started getting a ton of traffic on that post from Google. My post was the first link on the search term “Joss Stone”.

Well that’s changed and my post is now the 129th link on that search term. And The Soul Sessions has gone gold and the album is now the 22nd most popular album on Amazon and has been much higher.

But i still can’t get her cover of the White Stripes “Fell In Love With a Girl” out of my head.

#My Music