Pining for Kinja (Continued)

The wait is over. Nick Denton has launched the much awaited Kinja. What is it? Well it’s an RSS reader for people who don’t know what an RSS reader is, according to Nick.

Thanks to Nick’s generosity, i’ve been playing around with Kinja since Monday and i like its simplicity, design, and recommendations (called Editor’s Digests). I am using it more than NewsGator right now even though i prefer to get my RSS feeds in my email client than on the web.

If you want to see my chosen feeds in Kinja (called My Digest), here they are.

The only thing i don’t like about Kinja so far is that it seems to bunch all the posts from each feed i subscribe to together. I’d prefer to see the posts laid out in order of when they happened like Newsgator does it.

Kinja even got the NY Times to give them some ink today. Well done Kinja. The only thing that kills me is that i’ll miss the launch party in NYC tonight. I am blogging on the road today.

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