Utterly Sure (Continued)

I don’t normally get the desire to respond to the comments i don’t agree with on my blog. I figure that people are allowed to express their opinion as much as i am. An open exchange of ideas and thoughts is what blogging is all about.

But today, i am moved to respond to something i think is important in the upcoming election.

El Jefe writes the following in reponse to my Utterly Sure post:

Hmmm…lessee…a president who stands by his words and convictions or one who can’t make up his mind.

Pretty tough decision this November.

I don’t think its a tough decision. I’ll take the thoughtful considerate decision maker over the hasty bull headed one every time. Recognizing the other side’s perspective and keeping an open mind is something i really appreciate in a leader. I recognize this is a matter of taste and that many americans prefer the illustion of strength that Bush exudes. But not me.