Blogging Is An Addiction?

The New York Times ran a piece on Thursday called “For Some, the Blogging Never Stops“.

The basic gist of the article is that blogging is an addiction and the people who do it are nuts. At least that’s what I took from the piece.

It’s not surprising that the New York Times would take this tack on blogging. I remember when the Internet was new on the scene back in the mid-90s and the New York Times was constantly talking about all the sex fiends trying to pick up kids on the Internet. The idea that there are new forms of media that they don’t understand is inherently terrifying to the people who run the large newspapers. And so their coverage of new forms of media are inherently biased negatively.

That said, I agree that blogging is a bit of an addiction. But so is gambling, watching TV, being a sports fan, doing crossword puzzles, and lots of other things that people do every day. I am constantly balancing the needs of my family, work, health, and the other things that i do every day with my desire to blog at least daily. And it isn’t easy. My wife gave me a great comic from The New Yorker that I think of every day. The husband is typing away on his computer. The wife is pointing a gun at him and says, “step away from the computer and have an intelligent conversation with me”.

Bloggers aren’t all nuts who blog incessantly all day long like the New York Times makes us out to be. But keeping some balance in our lives is also a good thing. As such, this will be my only post for Sunday of Memorial Day weekend!

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