Cable's Killer App

I was reading Rafat Ali today and his post on AOL’s MyMC cable channel got me thinking about a killer app for cable operators.

I use Music Choice on my DirecTV service all the time. I have the reciever connected directly into my multi-room audio system so I can play MusicChoice in any room that has audio. The various channels are pretty good. I personally like Channel 820 on my service which is the Progressive/Adult Alternative channel (Music Choice channel 10). I can also see song/artist/title information scroll across my TV screen which is a nice feature.

I thought I was one of the few people who actually used this service. But yesterday i was at my friends Steve and Vanessa’s apartment and they were playing Music Choice on their Time Warner digital cable service. They were listening to the Country music channel.

Then today, my wife Joanne, The Gotham Gal, told me how much she likes the Rhapsody service i installed on her computer over the weekend. She is really digging the new Morrissey disc.

So it wasn’t too surprising that it hit me reading Rafat’s post. The killer app for cable operators is a Rhapsody like service delivered over cable like Music Choice is. Why doesn’t that exist?

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