Comment Spam

I am adding Comment Spam to my Internet Axis of Evil.

I just had to spend 20 minutes deleting porn comments from my blog and blocking the IP addresses from commenting again. I think that was a pretty futile effort becuase whomever generated all this porn spam did it from a different IP address for everyone of them.

There has to be a better solution.

First, TypePad should make it a lot easier to block a commenter right from the offending comment. I’ve sent in a feature request already to them.

Second, someone needs to build a tool to identify and block this stuff. John Batelle links to one idea of how to do this and the comments are all good.

I am going to check out TypeKey, but I don’t want to force commenters to register.

This shared blacklist of bad comment spammers is a great idea. I’d gladly participate.

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