Integration Please

The comments on my iTunes posts have read like this;

“Sounds like you need Mixmatcher

“Take a look at Webjay or Musicmobs

“I think the service that combines Rhapsody and iTunes is called Napster 2.0.”

Etc, etc.

Of course, I love all of these services. But I don’t want 10 digital audio services. I want one. For now, its iTunes. So I want iTunes to integrate Rhapsody-like streaming, Mixmatcher-like playlist sharing, Musicmobs or TuneCircle-like social networking. That’s what Apple needs to do for me.

The same is true of social software. I am a member of Plaxo (i only use it to respond via the web), Linked-In, Tribe, Kinja, NewsGator, TypePad, Return Path, and about 10 other services that in one way or another keep me connected via the web and email to my “network”. Will someone please integrate all this stuff!

#VC & Technology