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Wireless Power (Continued)

Longtime readers of this blog know that one of the technologies I want most is wireless power.

Ash pointed me to a UK startup called Splashpower. This company makes a surface that you can lay your devices on and they power up. No wires needed.

That’s not exactly what I had in mind, but its cool nonetheless.

I want all airports, Starbucks, etc to pump power at the device so it charges wirelessly.

Splashpower is a step in the right direction.

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Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is a great tradition. I think being a mother is probably one of the most underecognized jobs. It’s taken way too much for granted.

So it a good thing that there’s one day each year when all the mom’s out there get some thanks.

I’d like to thank my mom (with my daughter Jessica in this picture).

And my wife Joanne, aka The Gotham Gal (getting a well deserved kiss from Joss).

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RSS as a Publishing Platform

One of the smartest guys I know asked me a question last week. He wanted to know if I thought that RSS could be a commercial publishing/marketing platform. In short, yes. It already is at some level.

iTunes sends me RSS alerts every day about various top ten lists and new music. I can go right from the feed to purchasing the music at the iTunes music store and do that all the time.

But I just spent 10 minutes on and couldn’t figure out how to get anything from them via RSS.

There is a limited discussion of this in my RSS Roadmap post.

The real problem with RSS today is that there aren’t many tools to allow the publisher/marketer/sender to figure out what is going on with the feed. I use Feedburner for that and it works fine for me, but probably isn’t robust enough for a real marketer yet.

It’s early days still and I would bet that there are less than a million people using RSS readers. But the number is growing fast. I use three of them myself, Newsgator, MyYahoo, and Kinja. It is already a daily routine for me. I check my RSS feeds at least 2/3 times a day.

So to answer my friend, I think its time for someone to build a full featured RSS publishing/marketing platform. My bet is that there are people building it already.

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Integration Please

The comments on my iTunes posts have read like this;

“Sounds like you need Mixmatcher

“Take a look at Webjay or Musicmobs

“I think the service that combines Rhapsody and iTunes is called Napster 2.0.”

Etc, etc.

Of course, I love all of these services. But I don’t want 10 digital audio services. I want one. For now, its iTunes. So I want iTunes to integrate Rhapsody-like streaming, Mixmatcher-like playlist sharing, Musicmobs or TuneCircle-like social networking. That’s what Apple needs to do for me.

The same is true of social software. I am a member of Plaxo (i only use it to respond via the web), Linked-In, Tribe, Kinja, NewsGator, TypePad, Return Path, and about 10 other services that in one way or another keep me connected via the web and email to my “network”. Will someone please integrate all this stuff!

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