Spam Wars - The Next Phase

It’s my belief that the saturation of spam filtering technology across enterprises and consumer ISP services has dramatically reduced the amount of spam coming into mailboxes. There is more to be done for sure, but we are beginning to win this war, and its about time.

So where is the next front going to be? I think its going to be in area of false positives and differentiating between who the “good commercial mailers” are and who the spammers are.

There aren’t many people who know more about where and how this next war against spam is going to be fought than Matt Blumberg whose company, Return Path, is at the front lines in this next fight.

Matt has two great posts on his blog this morning that are must reads for anyone who cares a lot about this issue.

The first is about sender authentication.

The second is about the misconceptions in the market over Microsoft’s Bonded Sender program.

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