New York’s Central Park is an amazing place. Behind every hill, there is something magical.

One of the best things about Central Park is the free concerts they host at SummerStage.

They kicked off the season last night with a benefit concert (ie not free) to raise money for this year’s program.

The featured band was The Strokes.

We had a great night with clear blue skies. We went with the whole family, had a picnic, and listened to some great rock music under the stars.

The Strokes are a lot of fun. These guys met at the Dwight School in NYC in the mid-90s and have put together a great rock band. They are two guitars that create a wall of sound, a solid bass and drum rythm section, and a lead singer, Julian Casablancas, who has a great voice and is a natural on stage. That’s it.

We left a bit early because the kids have school today. But the crowd was digging it and we were too.

For thos of you who haven’t heard the band, here is one of my favorite songs, 12:51.

#My Music