A Ghost Is Born (Continued)

A Ghost Is Born came out yesterday. If you are a Wilco fan, then you must get this album. If you aren’t or you don’t know if you are, then I suggest you go get Rhapsody and listen to it, or download a few songs from iTunes.

My favorite songs are Hummingbird, Theologians, Company In My Back, and At Least That’s What You Said.

Thanks to the Internet, I’ve been listening to this album since April.

I dowloaded the entire record over the Internet in May.

I downloaded the tour opening concert via Bit Torrents in late May.

I bought two tickets to their show at Irving Plaza on eBay in early June.

And I downloaded that show via Bit Torrents two days later.

So I’ve been listening to this record for a while now. And it’s great.

If you are wondering, I bought the CD on Amazon yesterday. Just because I own it already in digital form, I still feel like I have to pay for it at some point. I just wish the record labels would get that fact that when its out, its out, and stop this silly game of holding it back. I think they are losing money by doing that.

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