Alacra's Two New Services

Some companies make a lot of noise and generate buzz. Other companies quietly build great products that their customers love. These companies grow and build their businesses below the radar screen of most people. Alacra is absolutely in the latter group.

I was reading CEO Steve Goldstein’s blog and read that Alacra is launching two new products this week.

The first is called Alacra Corporate Connections. It let’s users see relationships and potential conflicts between people and organizations. It sounds like a very useful new service.

The second is called Alacra Issuer Search. This service allows someone interested in bonds to do a search on a bond issue and see all three credit ratings comingled along with some other important information. While this may not seem like a big deal, its the first time that all three leading credit rating agencies have made their ratings available on a comingled basis.

If you want to see these new services, go to Nasvhille. The SLA show is going on right now.

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