Being "Appled"

Jeff Jarvis coins another phrase. He’s being “Appled”, bit by bit.

I know the feeling.

It started with my daughter Jessica who insisted on a Mac when she was in 3rd grade. She had a PC but when it was time to upgrade, she pushed me to get her an iMac.

From there, it was two more iMacs for Emily and Josh.

Then we got the AirPort to create our first WiFi network.

Then came the iPod and iTunes.

Then iPhoto and iMovie. We were getting an iLife.

We finally caved in and replaced the kitchen computer with a PowerBook.

Although I’ve been a PC user since IBM introduced the platform in the early 1980s, I now know as much about OSX as I do Windows/DOS. That’s what happens when you run tech support for a family of five.

I currently run iTunes and QuickTime as my default media player format on my Windows machine. I may get a PowerBook as my next laptop although that’s not going to be an easy call.

Now comes Airport Express and Airtunes. I am suggesting my friends “WiFi” their apartment with this device instead of a more typical choice like Lynksys. Then they’ll start getting appled too.

You can’t take on a monster like Microsoft head on, but you can chip away at the edges. That’s Steve Jobs approach and its working, at least on me.

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