Broadcatching (Continued)

To follow up on my post from yesterday on this subject, this RSS + Bit Torrents thing is powerful. I get notified every day of stuff that I can easily and quickly download via Bit Torrents.

It would be nice if I could configure these RSS feeds with keywords so I can create custom feeds that deliver very specific things – Jon Stewart, Wilco shows, Larry David, etc.

The only problem is I’m filling up my hard disk at an alarming rate. I’ve downloaded two TV shows and four live shows (Wilco Dekalb, Wilco Irving Plaza, Ben Kweller, and Death Cab) and I’ve used up 3.6GB already. That’s 10% of my hard disk.

I guess its time for a new machine or a removable hard disk. The problem with the latter approach is I like to have everything on my laptop because I am on the move so often.

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