Digital Photography

I love photos. I’d put more of them on my blog if i could. I just don’t have my digital camera with me as much as I’d like.

We have two digital cameras in our house. We have a small Canon Digtal Elph which is my digital camera. It doesn’t take great pictures, but i am not a great photographer. I just like taking photos. It works fine for that.

We also have a Nikon D70. This is the Gotham Gal’s camera. It’s a real camera and she takes great photos with it. I wish she’d post some of them on her blog!

I think the small digital camera, like mine, is toast. Why? Because what I want is a small form factor and convenience. I want my digital camera with me all the time. Right now, that’s not happening. On my next phone, it will. This Reuters article is talking about a 3.2 megapixel camera phone coming onto the market in June.

When I get my new phone, you’ll see a lot more photos here on my blog. And that’s a good thing.

#VC & Technology