Digital Video

I am by no means an expert on digital video but an experience I had last night made me realize how amazing this stuff is.

My oldest daughter Jessica and some of her schoolmates had an assignment to do an art project that was based on themes from the classic middle school book, The Lord of The Flies. I remember reading it in 7th grade too.

In the past they would have made a poster or some other kind of visual art. But these kids decided to grab our digital video camera and make a short film.

They spent about an hour filiming after school and a couple of hours editing on iMovie and they had made a very nice short film with some interesting takes on this terrific story about human nature.

We did have one mini-crisis. For some reason Jessica lost the audio track from the film and couldn’t get it back. That took a late night tech support call to her uncle on vacation in Mexico to fix. But thank god, he knew how to fix it and the QuickTime version is now “in the can”.

I’ll post it here if Jessica gets the permission of her friends to let me do that.

#VC & Technology