The New Return Path

I’ve been working on a bunch of things this year that I haven’t been able to blog about because they are confidential. Some of them will happen. Some of them won’t.

One of them happened last week and was announced today on CEO Matt Blumberg’s blog. That in itself is pretty cool.

Return Path is a much bigger company today with a lineup of value-added email services that is truly must have for email marketers. The reason is that Return Path bought Netcreations, the first double opt-in email address network.

Return Path was already a leader in getting email through to inboxes (delivery assurance), email address change data services (ECOA), and now they are a leader in email customer acquisition.

As Matt points out in his post, marketer’s two highest priorities in email today are building permissioned email lists the right way and getting legitimate permissioned email through to inboxes. Return Path is now the leader in both areas.

Congratulations to Matt and his team at Return Path and welcome aboard to Mike Mayor and his team at Netcreations.

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