Truth and Transparency

You’ve heard me on this subject. My brother, aka Jackson, takes in a different, more political, direction.

I spent my morning catching up on A V/C, Fred Wilson’s blog, and he recently posted some thoughts on honesty in the business world, and the virtues that make a good V/C (Passion, honesty, integrity, leadership, and smarts ) and I would like to add that those qualities would serve well for any one in any field. A music producer would be well served by those traits, and so would a pizza delivery person. In a perfect world we could have a President with at least two of them. In this less than perfect world, it seems we have a President who posesses none. I stress honesty above the rest simply because it simplifies one’s life. If you never lie, you don’t ever have to remember anything you’ve said. Lies create complications, and only serve to diminish yourself in others eyes as well as ones own. The truth may be difficult in the moment, but once the moment has passed, you are free.

I disagree with Jackson. Our current President does possess at least two of them, leadership skills and passion. He may be smart as well. But I can’t be sure of that.